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Brand New John K Bender Custom Cue #237

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John Bender Custom Cue # 237

We are honored to be able to offer some of John’s Cues here on the Market, and man is this a great one….

  • Description

    Product Description

    John Bender 4 Point W Bridged Veneers

    Bridged Veneers

    Butt 15.9 29”

    Shaft 1 4.1 13mm 29”

    Shaft 2 4.0 13mm 29”

    Solid Cocobolo Buttsleeve

    Solid Black Buttcap 

    Solid Black Linen

    Avorine Ferrules

    5/16×14 Pin 


    The cue is new, one shaft has a very small amount of chalk residue on it, may have been test hit at SBE by John, the other shaft is new, Unchalked…..

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