2010 Leon Sly Bumperless Flame Veneer 📞

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🔴🟠🟡Flame Veneer 2010 Leon Sly 6 Point Bumperless 🟡🟠🔴⚫️

3 Tall Ebony Points 🟡🟠🔴⚫️Veneers

3 Short Ebony Points

Solid Ebony Buttsleeve 

3/8x10 Pin

IV Joint

One shaft 

Butt 16.1 29”

Shaft 3.5 12.85 29”

IV Ferrule

Leon Called me and gave me the rundown on the cue. Made custom in 2010 for a customer. IV joint, IV ferrule and Definitely NOT his wrap, so the linen was changed

Shaft is a bit blue 

This is a killer player with a lot of work in it and it’s needs nothing