2013 Pat Diveney Birdseye Maple Player W Trans K and 7/12” Extension

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This Product Deserves Personal Attention, Available for Direct Purchase Only📞

2013 Pat Diveney Birdseye Maple Player

Butt 15.3

Shaft 1 3.4oz12.20MM Has a Roll 

Shaft 2 3.5oz 12.50MM Rolls Well

Shaft 3 Trans K 3.5Oz 12.75mm Straight

Radial Pin White Joint Collars

Leather Wrap

Overall the cue is in good shape, Buttsleeve has some dings, and some small ones in the forearm. Wrap is fine, one shaft has a roll. 

Pat won Cuemaker of the Year, so the cues from his shop stand the test of time

Perfect cue if you are looking for a plain player, for league or daily use