2003 Bryan Mordt 6-Pointer BCM Cue

Regular price $1,199.00

Bryan Mordt Ebony Forearm 6-Pointer

3 High 3 Low
Natural/ Purple/Natural Veneers
Cocobolo Centers
Ebony and Cocobolo Buttsleeve
Radial Pin
White/Brown Linen Wrap
Butt 16oz Straight
Shaft 1 3.7 Straight
Shaft 2 3.7 Very Slight movement in center

This cue is extremely nice, finish is in great shape, shafts are solid…

Only issue to mention is there seems to be some dust under the finish by one of the points…

Still, a lot of work in this cue for a great price.

This Cue needs nothing but a new home….