James White Bumperless Hoppe πŸ“ž

Sale price$2,750.00

πŸ“ž This Product Deserves Personal Attention, Available for Direct Purchase Only

Great Opportunity to pick up a really Nice Player

James White Bumperless Hoppe

Butt 15.0 29”

Shaft 1 4.0 29” 12.80mm IV

Shaft 2 4.0 29” 12.76mm IV

5/16x14 SS Joint

Light Brown Phenolic Short Buttcap and Joint Collars

Birdseye Forearm

Bright Black/Orange/Yellow/ Maple Veneers

Smooth Brown Leather Wrap

βšͺ️Hoppe Ring

Finish on the forearm is great

There are about 3-4 Small marks in the buttsleeve, nothing through the finish

One of the shafts has a very small crack in the ferrule, very hard to see and it’s not an issue but I’m disclosing it anywayΒ 

Overall this is a nice, pre-owned player and will be perfect if you are looking for just that

The condition of the cue is as should be expected from a β€˜11 Cue