2008 Mike Bender 5-Pointer Cue

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🟤🟤Look at this Mike Bender🟠🟠

🟤🟤5 Tall Points W Recuts🟤🟤

Circasian walnut burl into curly maple with ebony, mahogany, Ceylon satinwood recuts.
Rings are fossilized walrus.
Wrap is calf skin
Engraved Pin 2008
One Matching Joint cap for the butt

Cue was constructed with the Antique Look in mind

Butt 14.4
Shaft 1 3.9 13mm
Shaft 2 4.0 13mm

Butt and shafts are straight, cue is in all original condition

💥Finish is a bit aged and there is some finish lifting on corners of the joint collars, so a refinish would make this cue perfect 💥

This is one amazing cue, by a top tier maker and I’m sure is a stone cold player

Spoke Directly to Mr Bender, His Price today is much higher and well worth it