Rachel Walters: Integrity Cues Rising Star ✨

(Rachel Walters and Kevin Stier) 

Meet Rachel Walters: Integrity Cues Rising Star

From the tender age of three, Rachel discovered her passion for billiards at her aunt's house, a passion that would blossom into an extraordinary journey. Her early years were marked by a natural affinity for the game, where the pool table wasn't just an amusement; it was a calling.

By the age of 9, Rachel was already making waves in local leagues, competing predominantly in men's leagues by the age of 14. For Rachel, billiards was more than a game - it was a form of meditation, a tranquil refuge that continued to hold a special place in her heart.

After playing casually for years, relying on her raw talent, Rachel reignited her competitive spirit in 2022. This resurgence was marked by a significant milestone in 2023, when she was proudly welcomed into the Integrity Cues family as our first-ever sponsored player.

Embracing this opportunity with dedication, Rachel began training with a seasoned coach, leading to an astronomical rise in her game. Within just six months, she clinched her first state championship, showcasing not only her skill but also her relentless spirit.

Rachel's preferred games, Last Pocket 8 Ball and One Pocket, reflect her love for strategic play. On the table, she is known for her tight defense and inventive strategies, but off the table, it's her character that truly defines her. Rachel's personality and integrity resonate with every shot she takes.


  • 2022 Delaware Bar Box Championship (2nd Place)
  • 2022 WIP Inaugural 9 Ball Women's Classic (2nd Place)
  • 2023 Delaware Women's State Championship 🏆(1st Place)
  • 2023 The Queen and Her Court Women's 9 Ball (2nd Place)
  • 2023 ECPA One Pocket Tournament (4th Place)
  • 2023 JPNewt/PA PRO-AM Women's 8 Ball State Championship (5th/6th Place)
  • 2023 JPNewt/PA PRO-AM Women's 9 Ball Tour (5th/6th Place)
  • 2024 Super Billiards Expo Women’s Division Champion🏆(1st Place)
  • 2024 1st Place in Queen and Her Courts Women’s Tournament Lynchburg Va 🏆(1st Place)

Rachel's journey with Integrity Cues is not just about her triumphs at the table; it's about her embodiment of the values we hold dear - skill, strategy, and above all, integrity. We are thrilled to support her continuing journey and can't wait to see what she achieves next.