☎️ Early Cory Barnhart 5 Point Cue ☎️

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Take a look at one of Cory Barnharts Early Cues
5 Bridged Cocobolo Points
Curly Maple Forearm
Maple Recuts
Radial Pin
Short Cocobolo Buttsleeve W IV Hoppe Ring
Wine colored Lizard Wrap

Butt 15.0 29” Straight
Shaft 1 3.7 13mm 29.75” Small Bump when rolled
Shaft 2 3.5 12.40mm 29.5” Small Bump when rolled
Shaft 3.6 12.45mm 29.5” Small Bump when rolled

Cue is in nice preowned condition, shafts are not completely straight, but definitely playable, and there are just 2 marks to me mention on the buttsleeve.

Cory Has Confirmed the Build, it is also signed on the Buttsleeve

Radial Pin Player, ready to go

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