AE (Artistic Engineering)6 Point Cue

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☎️This Product Deserves Personal Attention, Available for Direct Purchase Only📞

Look at this GEM with one shaft Unplayed, you just don’t see that many Fancy AE Cues…..

Amazing 6 Point cue from the AE Shop……

Curly Maple Forearm
6 Resin Spalted Maple Points
3 High 3 Low
Resin Spalted Maple Butteleeve
Double Silver Ring at the Joint
Black Leather Wrap
5/16x14 Pin
Inlays in the Points and Buttsleeve

Butt 15.3 29”
Shaft 1 4.0oz Played 12.75MM 29”
Shaft 2 3.9oz Unplayed 12.75MM 29”

All 3 Pieces roll straight
One shaft is played, one is not….

Only issue to mention is the ring right above the buttcap is very slightly Raised, but can barely be felt…..

Overall, very well taken care of cue that needs nothing and will make a nice addition to your collection