Bill Hagan Cue 📞

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Bill Hagan Cue

Built in the 90’s

4 Ebony Points W/ Clover inlays 

Butt 16oz. at 28.5”

Shaft 1 is 4.1 oz. 29.5” 

Shaft 2 is 4.2 oz 29.5” 

5/16-18 pin

Joint Collars Are Buckhorn

Buttcap is Buckhorn

Ebony scallop work 

Ebony and Abalone diamonds in the buttsleeve 

Butt and shafts roll straight and Cue appears to be in all original condition

This cue was played most of its life….Finish is cracked in many spots and the cue has a few dings in the finish

Highly Collectible Cue here Refinish will make it perfect