Meucci Original Set Original MO Series 15 Total Cues 📞

Sale price$33,000.00

📞 This Product Deserves Personal Attention, Available for Direct Purchase Only

I’m not sure you will see another MO Collection Offered in bulk again…..

These are some of the earliest Meucci Original Cues to hit the market, and definitely some of the most collectible……

15 Total Cues

If you are a Meucci Collector, this is a fantastic opportunity to take the work and searching and pick up this set in one purchase, since some of the cues may never become available again…

A few of these cues are extremely rare, and word among the meucci collectors is only a few were ever made……

This collection was put together over a many year period and the relocation is being done here exclusively at Integrity Cues

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Here she is…..

MO1,MO2,MO3,MO4,MO5, MO6,MO,7 MO,8, MO9, MO10, MO11 and MO12

Also a Wrapped MO1, and (2) MO41/2 Cues

All cues come with one shaft, and all cues look to be in all original condition, and all cues are between 19-21 oz……

🔥🔥Mostly Brass pin, some are steel

These cues are played, and are as to be expected of a set this old…..

What you see is what you get in the condition they are in…….

The set is being sold as a SET ONLY, and will not be split up by Integrity Cues No Matter What……