Paul Fanelli W 4 Shafts

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Take a good look at what we have here

‘06 Paul Fanelli

Without a doubt one of the coolest cues we have had the privelaged to offer here @ Integrity Cues

4 Total Shafts and Matching Joint Caps
Butt 14.7 29”
Shaft 1 3.2 12.85 29”
Shaft 2 3.2 12.75 29”
Shaft 3 3.3 12.85 29”
Shaft 4 3.4 12.75 29”

Butt and shafts roll straight, finish looks really good other than a few bumps in the finish, 2 are down in the handle area, and there are a few down at the bottom of the buttcap.

Has the F on the top of the pin, and it’s signed in the buttsleeve area also

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